TEFL Peace Corps Volunteers in San Lorenzo de Tarrazú, Costa Rica


Today, we spent most of our time working on the San Lorenzo Learning Center website. Next Tuesday, we are hosting a parents’ meeting at the elementary school, where we’ll be discussing the progress of the Learning Center and, hopefully, establishing a committee of local community members to serve as the Center’s administrative backbone.

Check out the Learning Center’s website at:


Escuela San Lorenzo receives a book donation from the Give-A-Book foundation and the Rotary Club.

Group trip to Panama City to run in the international marathon, December 2012

Moving our belongings from Puerto Limon to San Lorenzo. Read about our service in Limon at LimonPCVs.tumblr.com

Group trip to Volcán Poás to celebrate our one year anniversary in Costa Rica

Afternoon at the Vineyard near Copey de Dota

Our Apartment


We are TEFL volunteers, so our primrary assignment is working with the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) to support local English teachers in their classrooms. The Los Santos region is fortunate to have a very driven and active MEP English Advisor, who works alongside Peace Corps Volunteers to realize various English capacity-building projects.

Community leaders in Los Santos are taking an active role in English education in their towns by opening Learning Centers. These not-for-profit centers are run by community members to supplement the English education provided in public schools. In Costa Rica, being able to speak English opens the door to many job opportunities. These centers provide invaluable skills for professional success, as well as a positive environment for young people to spend time together.

There was a TEFL Peace Corps Volunteer in San Lorenzo for the past two years, who worked with the community to develop plans for a San Lorenzo Learning Center. Together they laid the foundations and constructed a building, and now our job is organizing with the community to open the center.

The San Lorenzo Learning Center:




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Saludos! After 9 months of Peace Corps service in Puerto Limon, we have been reassigned to the Los Santos region, which is known for having excellent coffee and towns named after saints (e.g. Santa María, San Marcos, San Pablo).

We have been in Costa Rica for one year, and our remaining 15 months will keep us busier than ever. Follow us on our journey as we forge new relationships in our new home of San Lorenzo, Tarrazú.